Marketing has changed as digital extends into all areas of our lives. While this gives advertisers greater opportunities, it also means customers expect more. Audiences today want services and content that meet their needs, wherever they are, whatever they're doing.

At Orange, we're not just specialists in different types of digital marketing - we also know how to bring it together. By putting the customer at the center, we create simple, effective strategies that connect with people across every channel - and grow business in ways they can measure.

We’re steadfast in our belief that clarity leads to better results and we use that thinking to power campaigns that help clients improve their marketing impact. We help clients across a diverse range of industries strengthen their brands, ramp up their marketing and grow their share of voice.


Orange aims to become one of the pioneers in marketing. In addition to enhancing and developing traditional marketing such as event management, product promotion, we have been pioneering the expansion of the new Digital Marketing field with the expectation of welcoming the trend and connecting with Global.

For Employees: At Orange, we believe “people are the precious assets of the nation" We want to become a second family to each member. We care and create the best condition to work for every member of the company.

For customers: Orange always wants to bring the best products and services to customers. We work with the slogan "Bring the best solution to customers". Come to us and you will never be disappointed.

For society: We bring benefits to society in a certain way in terms of marketing; create jobs and dynamic environment for young people who have the desire to express themselves



We work to make things better. Our aim is high and we never settle.


Quality is our first purpose. We take responsibility for our actions. We openly communicate and treat people well in every job we do.


We work alongside media agency, marketing agency and state agency to achieving outstanding results by sharing ideas and knowledge with the best in the business.


We move fast. Real-time reporting, close ties with media agency, and an instinct for trends means we spot opportunities first.


Orange’s team has a solid foundation and passion for business management, marketing, finance and development solutions to help businesses grow their markets. Our team is talented and diverse, has the capacity to execute and speaks frankly, behaves in a positive way, accepts challenges and embraces the introduction of intelligent solutions based on modern knowledge. We employ people who are capable of leadership, creativity, enthusiasm in work and the ability to work as well as run a team.